Changing of the Guard

Rissa Root 2007

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Dear Readers,

By now, you probably know that Nora has been ill and has had to step down as editor of CQMagOnline.  Although I have been webmaster and assistant editor for the last three years, this issue marks the first time that I have put together an entire issue without Nora.  I miss her help, her humor, and her steady guiding hand. I want to publicly thank the staff for their continued help and dedication.

Many of our founding members have moved on to other pursuits, and the staff is constantly evolving and changing.  Although we are in a period of transition, we plan to keep the magazine a going concern because it is a valuable resource.  The magazine will always be free even though we do not have enough sponsors to cover our basic operating costs.  We are an all-volunteer organization. Not only do none of us get paid; most of us have donated money to cover web hosting fees and basic operating costs.  CQMagOnline is a labor of love that we undertake all year long, not just quarterly. With Nora's illness, this continues to be a difficult time for the general staff; so, we are looking to you, our readers, to help carry us through. Your passion and enthusiasm for crazy quilting help maintain our passion and enthusiasm.

Some of you have expressed a desire to help with the magazine.  Consider submitting an article! Instead of just posting a tutorial on your blog, consider submitting it to us for publication here on CQMagOnline. Remember, we do not require exclusive use of any article or photograph - just the right to post it here and make editorial changes. We sincerely appreciate your photo submissions for the Readers' Showcase and hope you will continue to submit your CQ creations. 

In this issue, we have focused on crazy quilting style and ideas for gift giving. There is also an article by J. Marsha Michler on hand-piecing your CQ blocks.  I am also excited to announce that  Barbara Blankenship has proposed a challenge for readers; so, be sure to read her article.  I sincerely hope you will decide to take up the mantle.  With three of our staff members on their way to Houston for the Quilt Market, you can look forward to more information and product reviews in upcoming issues.  We want our website to continue to be a repository for articles related to crazy quilting.  We know it is a well-used and valuable resource. We can only do that with your help.

Looking forward,


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