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While looking through a copy of Beautiful Beading with Judith and Kathryn, I noticed a velvet evening bag project that utilized a technique that I had not used.  I decided to give it a try. The velvet purse project is completely outlined in this book.  All of the Judith and Kathryn books are a must for any silk ribbon or beading enthusiast! I have included the link to their website at the end of this article.

The difference in the technique for embellishing a simple velvet evening bag is that first they start with a piece of floral background fabric fused onto a piece of buckram sized for the flap of your evening bag (or the design you wish to create). You then embellish this piece separately from your main project and add it back onto the purse when it is completed.

I selected a rose fabric that I had in my stash and fused a piece of it to a piece of buckram the size of my evening bag flap. The fun part is embellishing this piece. I added hand-dyed lace motifs, ribbon flowers, beads, and sequins to fill the area and compose the embellished flap of the bag.  Since the background has a floral design, you can leave some openings that allow it to show through.  Beads in the flower centers create depth and texture. Once the embellishing is completed, the whole buckram piece is then attached to the front flap of the velvet bag in an appliqué fashion. This technique could be used in many ways, and it really lends itself to easy embellishing that can be attached to anything you desire. You could even do a few and have them ready for projects that come along. It is kind of like embellishing a self-made motif. A motif done in this manner can be added to a wearable, then taken off to launder.

Here is a picture of the velvet evening bag I completed with this technique. It came together quickly.

I chose to do a strap for the bag with the Diva Custom Cord Maker, using seven different fibers. The cord maker helps you accomplish this braiding with utmost ease. You can even use a string of beads or pearls as one of your fibers in the braided cord, and you can make cords of all different sizes.

You may have noticed in the picture at the top of this article that I have had the magazine spiral bound. I did it at the suggestion of a friend in my local CQ Bee.  You can take books and magazines to any office supply store and have them bound, complete with a clear protective cover on the front and back. The cost for this service is quite reasonable and makes it much easier to use your books and magazines effectively.


Beautiful Beading with Judith & Kathryn

Joggles: Diva Custom Cord Maker


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