The Joys of the Cast-on Stitch

Sharon Boggon 2008

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When it was first suggested that we write an article on our favourite seam embellishment I sat back with a smug expression on my face and thought to myself "that will be a toddle;" but as the time grew close I found that it was not such a toddle after all, as selecting a favourite proved to be very difficult! Was my favourite a base of herringbone? Was it feather stitch with beads? Was it chevron or maybe two rows of chevron stacked and laced? This question was causing a problem. I looked over my samples and browsed my blocks and after much faffing about with them trying to decide, I realized that many of my favourite seam treatments contain cast-on stitch.

It is such a versatile little stitch that I decided I could safely say, that although time consuming, it was my favourite. These are some of the things you can do with it.

You can tuck them on to the spines of feather stitch and a bead in the middle just finishes it off.

As a stitch you can tuck them in row along the top of other stitches such as this half chevron.

Combined with simple straight stitch they can create little flowers.

Or they can be arranged in more complex formations to create flowers like a row of happy little pansies.

You can also tuck them into sprays of silk ribbon embroidery very easily.

Or work cast-on stitch in drops of wisteria-like sprays down a block. It is very effective, but unfortunately time consuming!

Instructions on how to do this stitch can be found in my stitch dictionary under cast-on stitch.

Cast-on is a great stitch and I hope you explore it a little in crazy quilting.

Sharon B of In a Minute Ago

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