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In this issue I wanted to share some of the blocks my students have made. The blocks are from our crazy quilt block of the month class. This is the first time these two students have made crazy quilts, and they are doing such a great job. I enjoy watching my students discover their creativity and see the fun they have and the pleasure they get from their successes. Hopefully I am sharing something with them that they will continue to enjoy in the future. I love teaching the classes, and we have such a good time.

The first four blocks were made by Priscilla Buenocoa. Priscilla lost her mom about a year ago, and she wants to make a quilt with some of her mom’s things. Crazy quilts are a great place to keep memories. I am looking forward to seeing her quilt when it is finished. It will be a treasure to her.

The blocks in the second grouping were made by Barbara Ditto. Barbara worked slowly on the first block, a little faster on the second block, and by the time she got to the third block she was making blocks very quickly. Her blocks aren't finished. Like many of us, she keeps thinking of more "stuff" she wants to put on her blocks.

Roberta Bailey was another one of my students who made her first crazy quilt in my class. She had recently lost her mom, and was still working through her grief. These four blocks are covered with memories of her childhood and growing up with her siblings, under the loving care of their mom. You can’t see the meticulous hand work she did on this wall hanging. Every stitch is perfect. Roberta does everything that way. Appliqué is her favorite thing to do and she is an expert. This quilt is a beautiful tribute to her mom, and making it helped her work through some of her grief. As I have said before, crazy quilts are a wonderful place to put memories of loved ones and special events.


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