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Rissa Peace Root 2008

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Traplet Publishing sent me some of their magazines for review and I thought I would share some general impressions in this issue of CQMagOnline. 

Their newest offering, Beads & Beyond, the UK's only monthly beading magazine, was the first that I read. It is an interesting publication, with a variety of techniques and ideas.  I reviewed Issue 3 (December 2007), and it covered many different aspects of beading, including Precious Metal Clay and felting, two trends that I find endlessly fascinating and useful for a crazy quilter. I just love the idea of creating my own sterling silver charms without having to be a silversmith.  

There were two issues of British Patchwork & Quilting, which has been in publication for many years, and I found something interesting in each of them.  Although there was nothing specific to crazy quilting, there were techniques that are applicable.  For example, Issue 165 (October 2007), had an interesting article on color theory.  It seems that I never get enough of color theory, so this article really resonated with me.

I found Craft Stamper and Sewing World both interesting and educational.  There was nothing CQ specific in either of these publications, but the trick is to see ideas and techniques and extrapolate that into your crazy quilting.  As some of you know, I am very fond of using rubber stamps in my CQ and embroidery, which is why I wrote "Rubber Stamping on Fabric" some time ago. The use of fabric inks and rubber stamps has become common place in quilting and mixed media in general, and I see great potential for its application in CQ.

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