Same Motif - Different Stitch and Thread

Kimber Pekora 2008

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Recently, while walking through my sewing room I thought to myself, "what in the world can I do with some of these threads and ribbons I have collected through the years." I am always thinking of things to create for new issues of CQMagOnline and I like to take a normal item and use it in a different way. Longing for the warmth of spring, I decided that I would use a butterfly motif from my favorite motif book by J. Marsha Michler, Motifs for Crazy Quilting. Now the challenge is to take this one motif and use some of those beautiful threads and ribbons etc. to show different looks that can be achieved. Using just one motif I have created five very different results. If time allowed I could have gone on and on with this.

For all the motifs I used tracing paper and reproduced the motif. I then used some dressmaker's tracing paper to transfer the image to the black fabric. I let my needle, threads and ribbons do the rest and these are the results I achieved.

1. I used a variegated floss and the backstitch for this motif. I love this stitch because it created such sharp clean lines.

2. I used various colors of Delica beads on this one. It almost has a neon glow to it on the black background.

3. I couched some gold stretchy cording thread for this. I used a thin metallic gold thread to couch it down.

4. I used the punch needle for this with some regular DMC cotton floss. I have not used my punch needle in a while and forgot how easy and effective it is.

5. For this motif I used a metallic/fiber mixture thread with the backstitch and combined some SRE . I like the texture this created.

This project reminded me how much fun creating motifs for CQ is. The possibilities are endless; a quilt could be created with just one motif. So get out those embellishments and go crazy!


Motifs for Crazy Quilting J. Marsha Michler ISBN 0-87349-427-X,

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