Feather Stitch: My Favourite Seam Treatment

Cherie M. Thompson © 2008

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Without a doubt learning the feather stitch was one of the stitching joys of my Crazy Quilting journey.

This easy, versatile stitch can be used in a multitude of ways as shown in Judith Baker Montano’s book, Elegant Stitches. For a visual person to have the instructions in front of me was the best; this book is an ultimate resource, no matter your skill level.

Follow JBM's simple instructions shown on page 52, or look at these feather stitch variations on page 102.

This beautiful stitch is only limited by your imagination. Below are some of my personal variations.

Simply fill an empty spot on a block using feather stitch while picking up a tiny bead as you sew in and out of the fabric.

Pleating a ribbon and holding it in place, feather stitch adorns a seam in a pretty way.

Filling in a blank spot on your block is, for me, what Crazy Quilting is about; too much is never enough! Here is feather stitch, worked in bright pink silk ribbon, flowing upward and brightening the block.

If I’d been more diligent I could have beaded the feathers as well, but as we all know with CQ, stitching has to stop somewhere!


Elegant Stitches, by Judith Baker Montano, Published BY CT Publishing 1995. ISBN 0-914881-85-X

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