Crazy Quilted Walker Bag

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What you will need:

  • Muslin base for front of bag, 20” x 24”.
  • Scraps of fabrics to make crazy quilt front piece such as silk, velvet, satin, cotton, brocade, etc.
  • Laces, doilies, ribbons, beads, photo transfers, embroidery floss, buttons, silk ribbon embroidery.
  • Half yard inside front and back, in a contrasting color; light fabric is best for the elderly to be able to see inside their bags.
  • Fat quarter for outside back of bag that will compliment the front (unless you plan to Crazy Quilt the back too!)
  • Fat quarter for strap handles
  • Five inches of double-sided Velcro cut into two pieces of 2 1/2 inches each.
  • Optional Fat quarter for inside pocket.
  • Optional batting, two pieces 18” x 22”, to line the walker bag.
  • Plus batting for the bag straps, two pieces 3” x 14”, and two pieces 3” x 7”.

Making the Project:

1. First you use your muslin base, and start in the center with a piece of fabric that has five or more sides on it. Using the sew and flip method, add more pieces of fabrics going in a clockwise circular fashion around the center piece, until all of the muslin base has been covered.

a. Another way to crazy quilt is to sew in varying widths of strips starting in one corner and working your way across to the opposite corner.

b. After the muslin base is covered completely, sew all your trims, beads, buttons, and laces for your embellishments, making sure to leave the outside 1" area undecorated (for seam allowance).

c. You can use machine stitches, stitch by hand, or combine both methods

d. Trim the finished piece to 18” x 22”.

2. Then you need to cut your contrasting half yard piece into two pieces of fabric 18 “ by 22”. Mark one with an F for front inside. Do the same with the other piece, except mark it with B for back inside. The width of the bag is 22” and the depth is 18”.

3. Cut your batting into two pieces measuring 18” x 22”, and keep the left over batting to make strap handle strips. This is optional, it makes the bag look more “fluffy.”

4. Fold your pocket piece in half, wrong sides together and press it flat, this will be 9” x 22”.

5. Fold the front inside fabric lengthwise and press a crease into it to mark it halfway. Sew your pocket piece to the front inside piece of fabric.

a. You will start with the raw edges of the pocket piece, pin at the halfway crease on the front inside fabric with the folded part of the pocket facing the bottom edge of the front inside fabric.

b. Stitch it down with Ό" seam and then flip the pocket piece up and press it flat. Top stitch Ό from the bottom edge of the pocket to cover raw edges.

c. Next you need to stitch divider lines onto the pocket to secure it to the front inside fabric. This is up to you if you want to have 2 large pockets or 3 or 4 or however many. Make a very narrow stitching on the two outside ends to secure edges of pocket to front inside fabric.

6. Next you will need to cut the handle fabric into four strips of 3” x 14”for the top strap. Then four strips are cut 3” x 7” for the bottom strap. Cut also the batting into four strips with same measurements.

a. Put strips so the right sides are facing each other, and put batting strip on the bottom and pin through all layers. Starting at the short side, sew down the long side to the other end and go around and back up the other side; finish at the short side again. * You will sew the two long strips as your top straps like a “v” to create points on your straps. The two short strips are the bottom straps and will be sewn as a squared end. Don’t forget to trim excess off before you turn strips right side out.

b. Using your bodkin tool, “that purple thang,” or a point turner tool, put sewn-closed end of strip onto tip of tool and push strip down to turn strip right sides out. Then press the strips so they are flat.

c. Sew Velcro to the straps, one on each end of the four straps. The fuzzy pieces will go on the top straps placed 1" from the pointed edge, and the rough pieces will go on the bottom straps next to the squared edge.

7. Now it is time to layer the bag parts. You put the batting on the bottom. Then put the outside front crazy quilted piece right side up on the batting. Now take your two short straps and pin 5 ½" in from the outside edge, making sure the Velcro pieces are facing down towards the crazy quilted fabric. Match raw edges of straps to raw edge of crazy quilted fabric. Now lay the front inside fabric with pocket, facing down, making sure pocket opening is pointed up towards the straps. Pin through all layers around outside edge.

8. Mark a 4" section at the bottom of the bag front where you will leave an opening to turn this all right side out. Sew all the way around, through all layers to this opening. Then turn the whole thing right side out and press it, make sure you press the raw edges of the opening to the inside. Use the iron carefully with the front section of the bag, as some of the fancy fabrics and threads might scorch. A good idea is to use a pressing cloth for this part.

9. Repeat Step 7 again, for the BACK outside fabric, straps and inside fabric. CAUTION: make sure the Velcro on these two straps is facing up, away from outside fabric. All raw edges matching. Complete steps 7 and 8.

10. Almost done! Put the front section together with the back section, the outside fabrics facing toward each other. Sew around the three sides of the bag, making sure to catch the areas that were left unsewn on the bottoms, so you will be sewing it closed with this stitching.

11. Turn it right side out and press the outside edges carefully. Sew decorative buttons onto the two top straps to conceal the Velcro stitching.

Please send me a photo of your finished project at Thank you!



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