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The first Comfort Doll delivery to a Women’s Shelter was on  July 31, 2007. I am pleased to announce as we reach our first year Anniversary this month, we have contributed a dozen Comfort Dolls to twenty-five shelters in twenty-four states and New Zealand.

Over three hundred heart and hand made art dolls have arrived in my mailbox over the past twelve months. Each doll is unique, beautiful and has a purpose; to comfort and cheer a woman who is seeking shelter from an abusive relationship. From the thank you letters we have received, I think they have accomplished their mission.

The Comfort Doll Project has brought women together worldwide to share their creations and their own personal stories. Many donors have written to say how this project has helped them personally and it has inspired other donation projects. That alone fills me with great satisfaction.

Did I benefit from this project? Yes. I have made many friends through this project as well as had the privilege to see, hold, and to pass the artful creations on to these women in need of a gentle hug. It has been my pleasure to keep them moving along to their new owners and hopefully offer a heartfelt message of hope.

This project is about to begin its second year, so please feel free to send 6” or smaller handmade dolls anytime you wish. If you know of a shelter or town where these dolls are needed, please send me an email with the information. To learn more about the project, donors' names and photos of every Comfort Doll donated to date, please visit the blog ( or my website (

I want to send a huge thank you to the women who have made this project possible. You are amazing and generous women.

States (and one country) in delivery order:

1. Indiana
2. New Mexico
6. Illinois
9.*New Zealand
11. Oregon
13. Florida
15.S. Carolina
16. Mississippi
18.S. Dakota
21. Pennsylvania
24. Ohio
25. New York

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