Crazy Quilted Business Card Pendant for Moo Minicards

Pat Winter © 2008

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Are you tired of your standard boring business cards? Would you like to show images of your Art with all your contact information? I do! I discovered MOO MiniCards from and decided to create some fun new business cards. The smaller size cards are wonderful to tuck in a package or slip in a card and they have a smooth matte finish to enhance your photos of your work.

While you are waiting for your cards to arrive, why not make a crazy quilt covered case? After all, you need a place to keep those cards handy. You canít hide them away in your purse. Below I share an easy project in which to carry your cards, which doubles as an accessory using your handiwork.

Iím sure you have seen the little long and narrow tins in which mints or gum are packaged. Buy one, empty and wipe out any sugar dust and get started.

Supplies needed:

  • An empty mint tin wiped clean
  • Muslin
  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Embellishments
  • Cord for neck
  • Clear fabric glue
  • Awl or sharp pointed tool
  • Marking pen or pencil


1. Mark the length and height onto muslin to make a base for your piecing adding ľĒ to both measurements.

2. Wrap the muslin around the tin and mark the front center area so you can be sure to embellish nicely on the front.

3. Begin in the center adding your fabrics until you have covered muslin base.

4. Embellish using tiny charms, silk ribbon, beads, embroidery, etc.

5. Using clear fabric tacky glue, spread all around tin making sure the center is in place. Line up the crazy patched piece even with the top of tin with lid closed.

Gently smooth and stretch the CQ piece around to back firmly and turn one edge under and overlap the other while gluing in place to make a neat seam. Turn bottom under and glue. This will be covered with a small piece of suede, felt, or felted fabric.

6. Glue any fabric you choose on the bottom of tin. I used a small piece of felted fabric.

7. Glue a small fabric, suede, or felted piece on top of lid bringing it over the edge. Trim excess fabric even with edge of tin top. Glue or sew a trim or ribbon around the edge to cover . I felted fibers and fabrics then cut out a piece for bottom.

8. Open tin and paint the part that shows with acrylic paint such as Lumiere.

9. Carefully poke a hole on each side of the tin using an awl or sharp pointed instrument. String a cord through the holes and tie off. Fill your new pendant with your Moo cards and youíre ready to go!


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