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What fun it has been to collect the various seam treatments and motifs included in the last three issues of CQMagOnline. I would like to express my thanks once again to those who have taken the time to submit these favorites stitches for publication.

DOUBLE ARCHED STITCH by Jo Newsham, New Zealand 

This is my version of this stitch; not *my* stitch, just one I have seen in my travels around the web.

First you need to find something to use as a template. I generally use buttons, and use the holes to line up on the seams. You can see in the picture the seam running through the middle of the button holes. A clear button is good also, just depends on what size you want. I use a chalk pen or disappearing ink marker.

I have drawn my first row of arches. I usually do both at the same time (maybe I had a different plan for this seam originally??). So I do both rows, the second one centered between the first. I have Chain Stitched this row.

Here you can see the chalk pen line, and the second row being done in Stem Stitch.

Some finishing ideas.

SILK RIBBON MOTIF by Karen Burke, Tomball Texas

The flowers are made with a 4mm silk ribbon using the Bullion-tipped Lazy Daisy Stitch. Matching beads form the calyx of the flowers. Karen has used a gold metallic Stem Stitch with Lazy Daisy Stitch leaves attached. The large leaves are made with a metallic thread using the Fly Stitch. The spider web is a couched metallic thread.

NEEDLE FELTED BIRD by Melanie Hollenshead, Brazoria, Texas

This block is one of a series Melanie is making for her Texas-themed crazy quilt. She has taken a 3-ply angora thread and separated the fibers. Using three shades of this thread and a single needle she has felted it into the fabric. It has added a beautiful touch of realism to the bird.

SUNFLOWERS & BLUEBONNET by Melanie Hollenshead, Brazoria, Texas

The sunflowers are made with 4mm hand-dyed silk ribbon and the Japanese Leaf Stitch. The centers are beaded and the stems are made with hand-dyed silk thread using the Stem Stitch.

The bluebonnet is made with 4mm hand-dyed silk ribbon and a Loop Stitch. With a matching thread she has secured each loop to the foundation. She plans to use a fabric paint to add touches of white.

RAISED CHAIN BAND by Pat Creech, Katy, Texas

Pat has used the book written by Pat Trott, Three Dimensional Embroidery Stitches, page 23, as an inspiration for this stitch.

Begin with a Ladder Stitch as indicated in the photo. You will go under the top rung with the thread to the right, and then back under the same top rung, making sure the thread is under the needle. Continue to the next rung until all are covered.


Pat does some beautiful stitches using these two threads. I enjoyed seeing the comparison and thought you might like it as well.

Using #8 Silken Pearl by Thread Gatherers

Using #12 Sulky thread, orange label

COMBINED STITCHES by Jan Campbell, Lake Jackson, Texas

The Feather Stitch is done with two strands of DMC floss. One side has Straight Stitches using white flower thread. The opposite side is done with the Detached Chain Stitch flower followed by Lazy Daisy leaves.

BEADED VINE by Jan Campbell, Lake Jackson, Texas

Using two strands of DMC floss, create a meandering vine of Lazy Daisy Chain Stitches. Eight #11 seed beads form each flower.

PRETTY FLOWERS ALL IN A ROW by: Jan Campbell, Lake Jackson, Texas

Jan’s inspiration for these flowers are the following two books written by Judith Baker Montano: Floral Stitches and Elegant Stitches.

First flower – six French Knots – pg. 88, Floral Stitches
Second – Rosette Stitch – pg. 99, Elegant Stitches
Third – five Lazy Daisy Stitches – pg. 99, Floral Stitches
Fourth – Detached Chain Stitch flower – pg. 49, Floral Stitches
Fifth – Cast-on Stitch – pg. 48, Floral Stitches
Sixth – French Knots – pg. 88, Floral Stitches
Seventh – Raised Straight Stitch – pg. 68, Floral Stitches
Eighth – wool rose – pg. 75, Floral Stitches

SILK RIBBON MOTIF by Dolores Chafin, Sweeny, Texas

The silk ribbon embroidery is beautiful on this small Victorian purse. Although I have no instructions I hope you will enjoy seeing the beautiful work Dolores has done.

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