Book Review:
Altered Photo Artistry: Turn Everyday Images into Works of Art on Fabric

Barbara Blankenship 2008

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Title : Altered Photo Artistry: Turn Everyday Images into Works of Art on Fabric
Author : Beth Wheeler with Lori Marquette
Publisher : C&T Publishing,, P.O. Box 1456, Lafayette, CA 94549
Language : English
ISBN-13: 978-1-57120-440-0
ISBN-10: 1-57120-440-7

At the 2007 Houston International Quilt Market I had the pleasure of attending a short program introducing Altered Photo Artistry. I loved seeing the quilts and projects that appear in the pages of the book. It is a wonderful addition to any library.

Altered Photo Artistry: Turn Everyday Images into Works of Art on Fabric by Beth Wheeler along with Lori Marquette is a wonderful teaching guide for anyone interested in using old photos or graphics in their crazy quilt designs. I found the entire book fascinating.

Included with the book is a one month trial demonstration CD of Adobe Photoshop. After reading the book I had to purchase my own copy of this software.

The book begins with an introduction to photography equipment and supplies needed. This includes an explanation on pre-treated fabric, inkjet printers, scanners, cameras and photo-editing software. A great deal of information is covered in these nine pages.

The next sixteen pages were the most valuable for me. By reading the explanation on repairing an old photo I was able to remove scratches from one of my wedding photos taken in 1964. At that point I decided this book was a must!

One section explained the technique of altering a photo into a pencil sketch portrait. This took a little more work on my part but I was pleased with the results. Sepia toning, kaleidoscopic imagery, and colorizing are covered in the remaining pages of this chapter.

The next chapter covers printing your photo onto fabric. Ive never considered printing anything larger than the standard 8 x 11. Pages 38 through 42 explain in detail how to tile print. This involves enlarging the picture and dividing it into a number of segments. The final step explains the assembly of the segments.

There are several pages devoted to sewing equipment and supplies needed in the assembly of your project. Another chapter covers the use of thread to add color and texture.

There are six projects included in the book and each is fully explained with clear and concise instructions. Each pattern includes a materials list, cutting instructions, and clear diagrams on constructing and assembling the pieces. A lot of work has gone into the preparation of this book and it is a valuable resource for any crazy quilter or fabric artist.

The final eleven pages of the book make up the gallery. Each page is filled with beautiful and inspirational work. It has been such a pleasure to review the book and to recommend it to all our readers.

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