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I used Carolyn Cibik's method to design and sew this block (see my review of her CD of block patterns in this issue.)  I wanted to feature a central image of a heart frame of roses that I created from my garden....and have been feeling sentimental about my husband, Robert, lately too...after twenty-seven years of marriage, no less!

I needed to reduce the size of this image to about 4.5" X 5.25" before I printed it onto cotton sateen for my 9" block.  I offer the image in a larger size here so you can print  it larger for other applications if you would like. I used waste canvas to Cross Stitch my initials onto the printed heart  frame before I pieced it into the block.

My block measures 9" X 9" finished.  If you want to use this pattern at that size, I'm afraid you'll have to go to a copy shop, unless you have a wider format printer.  I am sorry about that, but I just couldn't go smaller! The pieces are numbered in the order they are sewn onto the block.  Foundation piecing is my preferred method, with the block pattern traced onto my muslin base.  But hand appliqué will work as well.  Just remember that the lines shown on the pattern are the seam lines.  No seam allowances have been included, although I drew in a 1" margin around the block.  I like to extend my fancy fabric patches at least that much beyond the finished block size, but that is a personal preference.

I hope you will enjoy using this block pattern!

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