Evening Star Designs' Blocks with Variations for Crazy Quilters by Carolyn S. Cibik

Allison Aller © 2008

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This CD of block designs and piecing instructions written and produced by Carolyn Cibik is a winner.  Carolyn brings years of experience in teaching crazy quilting to these patterns. Therefore, for a first time crazy quilter her CD has a well-thought out and simple approach for producing fabulous pieced blocks right from the start.  For the more advanced stitcher, the fifty-two block designs diagrammed here can be the basis for some great improvisation too.

After a few points on fabric selection know-how, Carolyn gives special instructions for how to center the lovely "silkies," or printed images her company sells, so that they are centered just right as you begin to piece your block.  She also shows you how to rotate the block "on point," as well as includes several block designs that have curved appliqué pieces around their edges.

She leads you through the piecing of an example block with clear instructions and colored diagrams for each step.  If you follow her guidelines your success is guaranteed.  This is a flip-and-sew method of piecing, but from the top, not from the back of the block.  It is so much easier this way, with Carolyn's help!

All the blocks are viewable in either .jpeg or .pdf formats, and can be seen all together as thumbnails, and individually in the full 8" X 8" size.  (These blocks can be blown up to a larger size by your local copier, as well.)

I have truly enjoyed working with Carolyn's block patterns.  My results are below.

My center image was not quite large enough to fill the space for patch number one, so I pieced it to size before proceeding to sew up the rest of the block.  Once my center patch was in place, the block came together so quickly!  Embellishing it was so much fun.

I sewed this block up for a friend to embellish.  If you compare the finished block to the block diagram, you can see that the lay-out is the same, but I have made all the seams just slightly curved.  Carolyn does not cover this technique....but for someone like me who likes curves, the ease of adapting her straight-edged block designs to curved piecing was a delightful discovery.

You might remember this block from our last issue's article on "Mounting Your Blocks onto Foam Core".  This is one of Carolyn's block designs with the curves appliquéd along the edges.  The combination of straight and curved seams is quite pleasing.

Carolyn's CD can be purchased from Evening Star Designs here: http://www.eveningstardesigns.citymax.com/catalog/item/4888358/4922343.htm

At $20, it is worth every penny.

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