Tacky BOB

Rissa Peace Root 2008

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Nora sent me a Tacky BOB (Box for Beads) last year and I finally took it out of the plastic bag to try it out. The Tacky BOB is a small plastic box with an acid-free tacky lining, magnetic needle holder and a non-skid bottom.  It is made in the USA by Flying Needles. The box, which is basically a miniature CD jewel case, opens to reveal two 3" square working areas, with a magnet along the exposed spine.  The manufacturer warns that you should resist touching the tacky pads to extend the life of the product.  This product is designed to hold your beads in place, while you pick them up with the tip of your needle.

Since this product is advertised for "beading on the go", I thought I would test it by turning it over.  Small beads are very light and I figured they would stick to any mildly tacky surface.  So for my experiment I used size six beads, which are larger and heavier than I would ordinarily use in bead embroidery.  The Tacky BOB lived up to its claim.  None of the beads moved when it was moved or even when it was placed on its side. 

I am guessing that it has a limited lifespan, based on how much you (or your pets) touch the surface and the longevity of the acrylic case itself.  Using the open tube to scoop a couple of beads at a time worked well, but I had a hard time resisting the urge to pick up the unused beads.  That said, I think this is a marvelous idea for anyone who uses small amounts of beads in their crazy quilting.  You will worry less about spilling your beads while you are working and it is quite portable.

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