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Sharon Boggon 2008

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Sometimes I do something because I have a hunch it will be useful. This was the feeling I had when against better sense, as I have plenty to do already, I set up a community space for people interested in all aspects of textiles. The site is called Stitchin Fingers. My hunch that people might find it useful is paying off because in the first six weeks it has grown to over 750 members and most of all, a warm friendly site that reminds me very much of the early days on the discussion lists. I have had lots of positive feedback about the site and people seem to be genuinely enjoying it, so I thought I would let CQMagOnline readers know a little about it.

Stitchin Fingers is a site where members can meet, mix, share their stitching interests and touch base with the community. How does it work? Each member can display their work on their own web page aptly called "My Page". Other members can leave comments on this page or leave a private message on an internal message system which acts like an internal email. It's very handy because you can leave a private message for someone. At the moment most of the private messages I am getting are about some aspect of the software. It means people can ask a 'dumb' question without having to speak up within the group. On Stitchin Fingers if you want to say something publicly such as "That is a great crazy quilt block!" or "Congratulations on winning a ribbon for that quilt!" you can leave a comment on the person's page and everyone can read it and add comments too.

Other features on the "my page" are that everyone can choose to have a blog and a photograph album; the feature most people enjoy are the photograph albums. In fact, I have become quite addicted to the photo albums for my morning eye candy.

Other parts of the site are public areas - public in the sense that everyone can use them. There is a forum which is for general discussion.

At the time of writing, there are thirty-one separate groups that members can join. They cover all areas of textile practice, but there are many that would be of interest to crazy quilters. Of course, there is a crazy quilters' group, but there is also a group for beaders, and a group that shares vintage embroidery patterns; another is repeating the 100 details series of seam embellishments that I ran a couple of years ago. Lots of activities and challenges are taking place in these groups and recently, I started an easy going stitch-along in the hand embroidery group.

After playing on Stichin Fingers for six weeks now I have found ways to describe it. It s a cross between Yahoo discussion lists, the old web eziboards that some older hands will remember, discussion forums and a small Facebook. I used Ning to create the site because Ning sites are for people who want to communicate with people who have similar interests without being subsumed into the crowd and antics of My Space or Face Book. Ning keeps things small and on topic.

If you have not checked it out yet do so, as the community is for everyone to use and enjoy.  The URL is

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