Crazy Quilted Curling Iron Caddies

Cathy Kizerian © 2008

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Have you ever taken a curling iron along on vacation?  Only to find that when you are ready to pack up, your curling iron is still too warm from using it to pack it.  It happened to me enough times (I can’t tell you how many times – I’m a slow learner!) that I felt I needed a solution.

I did a little research and discovered that my idea was not original – others had come up with solutions years ago: curling iron cases, or caddies. But most of them were pretty plain, so naturally I decided that mine had to be crazy quilted or embellished. Voila!!! The Crazy Quilted Curling Iron Caddy!!

I’ve made these caddies with plain cotton fabric, with crazy quilted cottons, and with fancy fabrics. All work fine, because the only part that matters is the inside. The caddy is essentially a giant pocket lined with Teflon fabric – you know, the silver fabric on ironing board pads or oven mitts. Heat resistant fabric is the key to keeping the heat inside the pocket, thereby protecting your hands, clothes, luggage and everything else on the outside. In this version, I have added an additional layer to the outside to make another pocket in which to stuff the electrical cord.

There are two different choices for the Teflon lining, but they are not equal. The best method is to select a plain Teflon fabric and pair it with lightweight fusible fleece. This is much less bulky than the alternative and easier to work with. It also yields a neater, more professional look. In the picture below, this is the alternative on the left.

The other option is to purchase the pre-quilted Teflon fabric with attached quilted cotton back. It saves the fusing step, but is very bulky and makes the final steps of covering the seams very tricky.

Here are the basic directions and materials list. I’ve included fabric requirements for two caddy sizes. The regular size accommodates regular curling irons. The Jumbo size is for crimping irons, wide flat irons (used to straighten hair), or jumbo round irons.


  • 9” x 14” piece fabric for main body (11” x 14” for jumbo).
    This piece (cotton or fancy fabric) is not crazy quilted because much of it gets covered by the pocket.
  • 9” x 9” piece fabric for pocket (11” x 9” for jumbo).
    This may be crazy quilted because it is on the outside.
  • 9” x 14” piece of Teflon fabric AND 9” x 14” fusible fleece (both are 11” x 14” for jumbo).
    9” x 14” piece of pre-lined and pre-quilted Teflon (11” x 14” for jumbo).
  • Bias tape for seam finishing. You may also want lace or trims for further embellishing OVER the bias tape.
  • Threads, trims, ribbons or lace as desired to embellish the pocket. Remember that this is an item that will be packed in luggage, so you may want to keep the embellishments simple and practical.

General Directions:

(The directions are the same for both sizes. For our purposes here, I’ll be referring to the regular measurements). Use a ¼” seam allowance.

1. If using Teflon fabric and fusible fleece, fuse the fleece to the back (dull) side of the Teflon.

2. Prepare pocket. If crazy quilting, complete embellishment and trim to size.

3. Determine orientation of pocket (basically pick which side is up). On the top edge of pocket, finish by folding over ¼” and machine stitching. Alternately, you could sew lace over the top to finish or use bias tape for contrast. This is a creative choice element!

4. Layer/stack your pieces in the following order: (a) Teflon fabric (fused fabric piece or quilted fabric piece) with Teflon facing down, (b) large fabric piece over this, right side up, (c) pocket piece, right side up. The bottom edges should all be matched.

5. Pin this “sandwich” together and baste around all four edges, making sure to catch all layers. At this point you may choose to round the bottom edges or leave them square. If desired, trim the Teflon and quilting or fleece from the seam to reduce bulk.

6. Finish the top edge. This may be done with bias tape, or use an invisible thread to sew it all together and top with a blanket stitch or other decorative stitch. Another creative choice element.

7. Fold the “sandwich” in half lengthwise, Teflon facing in. Pin the long side and bottom and baste, making sure to catch all the edges (leave the top open!!) Sew, using backstitching or a bar tack at the top to reinforce the corner.

8. Finish the edges. Some options are: bias tape, ruched ribbon, fringe the edge (trim the Teflon and quilting or fleece first), or add a pre-made fringe trim.

Other creative options:

Instead of crazy quilting the pocket, use silk ribbon to embroider some delicate flowers. Or fashion some ribbon flowers and attach. Think of all those lovely boudoir items with ribbon accents from the 1920s!! And don’t forget to pack your caddy when you leave on vacation!

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