Round Robin Block Amnesty

Rissa Peace Root 2008

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Occasionally, a crazy quilt block goes missing.  Sometimes it gets lost in the mail, but occasionally someone in the round robin had it so long that it is just too embarrassing for her to return it to the owner or the next person on the list.  If that ever happens to you, please feel free to send it to me and I will make sure it gets back to the owner.

You will not be judged and there will be no repercussions or recriminations.  In fact, if needed I can work on the block, then mail it back to its owner without any identifying information from you.  All you have to pay is the postage to get it to me and I will take care of the rest. You do not even have to put your return address on the envelope, instead you can put the name and address of either me or the rightful owner if you like.  Remember that any package over a certain weight that has postage stamps will probably be seen as suspicious, especially if there is no return address in place. 

Rissa Peace Root
CQMagOnline RR Block Amnesty
PO BOX 16315
Jackson, MS 39236-6315

Feel free to use me as a resource for block amnesty.  I am sure the block owner will be relieved to have their block returned and have no questions about its origin or how it ended up in my mail box.

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