The Pink Artist Project: Fighting Back with Art

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Through the Comfort Doll Project I meet so many diverse artists who generously donate dolls. Among these wonderful and giving women is Monica Magness, who creates amazing mixed media Art. Earlier this year Monica took on a tremendous feat and brainstormed a project to raise funds for the Susan G. Koman Cure Foundation for breast cancer research. She sent out a call for 2” x 2” art squares and received squares from 180 artists from around the world. What was returned was enough love to create an amazing doll who will continue to give through donations from a special drawing. I am excited and honored to be among the 180 artists to send squares for this project. As we all know, breast cancer has no boundaries and as you can clearly see, neither do those fighting for the cure.

I wanted to share this project with CQMagOnline readers because I know several of you have joined in this project. However, if you missed the opportunity to join in, there is still something you can do by spreading the word of The Pink Artist Drawing. Please read the following to learn more.

"The Pink Artist Project is a group of artists coming together to create two by two inch art squares, mailed in from around the world that when stitched together have built one magical creation, our lady "Love Squared." An art doll made with love and uniquely devoted to the cause of finding a cure.

"Love Squared" stands at nearly 40" tall. To many, our doll is a symbol of hope. She stands for courage and was built by a community of givers. Accompanied by prayers for good health and encouraging notes like, "get checked" and "bee well," each square is also a personal invite requesting your help to raise donations. On April 1, 2008 our pink artist doll was completed holding 180 artist squares and taking 182 artists total to complete her. On April 7, 2008 our doll was shipped in for a photo shoot with Art Doll Quarterly™ to be featured in an upcoming autumn issue available August 1, 2008. The response from their office being,

"She is ever so much more impressive in real life... It’s a gorgeous piece of work and everyone here was very impressed. Thanks for sending her!"

 Love Squared's debut in Art Doll Quarterly is also the start of The Pink Artist art drawing to raise funds for a cure. A donation will enter your name into our drawing to WIN our fabulous doll as well as a chance to take home one or more incredible works of art donated by artists such as Tim Holtz, Art Tea Life, Cheryl Strait, Amber Dawn, Renea Rhipp and more! To see more photos of Love Squared please visit.  To read all about the making of our doll, please visit and

To learn how you can help us, please continue reading."

-How you can help:-

Mark those calendars: Mark your calendar and give BIG between August 1- October 15, 2008.

Post our group button to your blog or site: You can help us spread the word about our art drawing by posting our group button to the sidebar of your blog, in a blog post and/or on your website.

Send an Ecard: For those of you with an EBSQ account you can help spread the word by emailing our button to friends & family as an EBSQ ecard with details about our drawing & a note leading back to and this post.

Create postcards: For those of you willing to get your hands dirty, please consider printing our button to cardstock or cardboard and making your own art postcard(s) to mail out to friends & family.

Pass Out Our Flyer: Michelle Ward's printable flyer. Print out on your home computer to pass out to friends, family, coworkers & neighbors. (Please email me at for large JPG file & please feel free to format our flyer to fit your needs)

Remember to get checked!

Our Art Drawing is open to EVERYONE.

Please join in & help us to spread the word by displaying our button on your blog or site TODAY, and remember to GIVE BIG on Aug 1- Oct 15, 2008!

Below are the art squares I made. Please visit the links to view the wonderful assortment along with the doll, 'Love Squared." A huge thank you to Monica for starting this project and spending many hours in its making, and for all involved for giving it life.

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