Book Review:
Simply Silk

Julie Yonge 2008

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Title:  Simply Silk (12 Creative Designs for Quilting and Sewing)

Author:  Mary Jo Hiney

Publisher:  Krause Publications 2007

Language:  English

Hardback:  128 pages + patterns

ISBN 13:  978-0-89689-548-5

ISBN 10:  0-89689-548-3



Where do I start to share with you the wonder of this book?  Simply Silk is a compilation of sewn projects, many of a quilted nature, some with a focus on journaling as art; all showcasing the luxurious nature, unique naturalness and vibrancy of color that silk possesses.  Mary Jo dispels preconceived notions or fears about creating with silk.  She inspires you to explore, expand and create with silk by providing a range of unique and beautiful items to sew, from silk slippers to quilts. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cooperative nature of silk with her tips and techniques and you will be thoroughly convinced to forever include silk as a medium of choice in your projects.


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