Handy Tip for Those Puckered Patches

Jo Newsham © 2008

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Having just completed a project, I was looking for something new to start (despite having plenty of other UFOs). I had found a great bag pattern, and thought a RR block might work for the front.

The block is beautifully embellished, however, my little stitching mouse silkie was puckered and misshapen. I use fusible interfacing for block foundations - to try and avoid such issues – so my usual method of cutting a slit in the back and plumping out with a little cushion stuffing wasn’t going to work.

I turned the block over, grabbed a piece of quilt batting, cut it to the size and shape of the patch, then ironed a larger piece of lightweight fusible interfacing over it to hold it in place.

Sorry for the not-so-great photos, but as I ironed the fusible interfacing in place I thought, “Wow, this would be a great idea to submit to CQMagOnline!” It was considerably easier than stuffing the patch out, and took all of sixty  seconds!

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