Oliso Steam Iron with Auto Lift System

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While at the Houston International Quilt Festival last fall, I had the opportunity to see some remarkable new products related to the sewing world and one of them was the Oliso steam iron with auto lift system. I was even able to have some hands-on time with this remarkable iron and yes, actually purchased one for myself, and I just love it! It is reasonably priced and can be purchased online through their website at www.oliso.com or even at www.Amazon.com for convenience.

This iron features a revolutionary patented technology that automatically lifts and lowers the iron for a safer, easier ironing experience. When you touch the handle of the iron, it automatically lowers onto your ironing; let go and it lifts above the fabric keeping the fabric safe from scorching or burning. It takes a few minutes to break the habit of trying to rest your iron on its heel, but once you have gotten the hang of it – it is wonderful to just be able to let go when you are finished and get back to your sewing machine quickly. Then when you return to the ironing board, just touch your iron an away you go. It really does save time and, strain on your wrist as well.

Key benefits are:

Safety – The Oliso iron can always remain horizontal – even when not in use. This eliminates the risk of accidental burns from an iron resting on its heel and the possibility of the iron toppling over.

Efficiency – Because you don’t have to constantly lift the iron up and down, the Oliso iron reduces ironing time by 30%. It is always ready to go!

Ease of Use – Thanks to its unique, self-lifting design, the Oliso iron eliminates strain on wrists and elbows changing an iron from the resting heel position to the horizontal ironing position.

Experience – This is one smart iron. Besides responding to your touch, it automatically shuts off after eight minutes of non-use. Another safety feature


  • The Oliso steam iron delivers powerful bursts of steam, both horizontally and vertically. The side flip-funnel port eliminates the need to expose the hot soleplate in order to fill the reservoir.
  • Multi-layered, this aluminum soleplate retains heat, distributing it more evenly and making ironing more efficient.
  • Electronic sensors continuously monitor and adjust the iron’s temperature to ensure that the fabric settings are correct.
  • Steam-on-demand delivers continuous steam but shuts off when the handle is released, eliminating drip marks.
  • Unique detailer front tip, snuggles up to buttons and creates crisp pockets and cuffs.
  • Pivoting power cord keeps it safely out of your way.
  • Automatic shut-off offers peace of mind; the iron instantly restarts when handle is touched.
  • Electronically controlled soleplate provides stable heat for consistent results; non-stick soleplate glides effortlessly, wipes clean easily.
  • Easy-access fabric selector ensures consistent temperature control; dry/steam selector lets you select dry or constant-steam settings.
  • Status light indicates when iron is ready for use; soft grip handle provides extra comfort and control.

I am really enjoying my Oliso steam iron with auto Lift system and I know you would too! Check out this website for prices and further information on the Oliso Steam Iron with Auto Lift System: http://www.oliso.com/iron/

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