Mother of Pearl Button Brooch

Barbara Blankenship © 2008

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One of my favorite times of the year is December and the coming of Christmas. I remember words from a song we sang with the children: “love came down at Christmas.” There is no better way of expressing that love than by giving something from our heart and hands.

Several months ago I decided to make a brooch similar to one a friend has. As I remember, it was leaf-shaped. It doesn’t matter what shape you use, but begin by drawing or tracing your desired pattern.

My heart measures 3.5” across at the widest point and 2.5” deep at center point. I cut one heart from a white damask fabric and one the exact size from batting. Baste the batting to the wrong side of the damask.

Starting in the middle of the heart, begin stitching your mother of pearl buttons side by side to the right side of the damask fabric. You want to cover the fabric and it doesn’t matter if the buttons overlap somewhat. I set aside the more unique shapes and tried to evenly space those throughout the design.

As you come to the edges of the heart note how the buttons will curve the heart and form a rounded edge. This adds to the beauty of the piece and it comes together perfectly.

When you have finished stitching the buttons in place you will want to add a pin and finish the back. I’ve used an old piece of lace and stitched that in place. Another piece of lace 1” in width attaches the pin to the heart.

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