CQ at the EGA National Headquarters

Rissa Peace Root 2009

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When you first walk through the door at Embroiderers' Guild of America's National Headquarter in Louisville, you will see a display of quatrefoils, each in a different needlework technique.  I am happy to report that one of them is crazy quilted!

If you walk upstairs, there are more examples of crazy quilts.  In the front hallway, there is a display of CQ blocks, many of which have remembrance silks in them. 

Also upstairs, there is a whole quilt hanging on the wall in the rear hallway. 

If you are really lucky, you might be able to see the tumbling block crazy quilt that is in the collection room.  Because I was at headquarters for an Extended Study Program, the curator opened up the back room for our small group.  Luckily for us, one of the gems he pulled out to show us was this unique crazy quilt.  I felt lucky to be able to photograph it. 

I think it would be wonderful to schedule an appointment for closer inspection of this marvelous piece.  Maybe I can talk my friend Karen into doing it and writing an in depth article for us at CQMagOnline, since she is a local.

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