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Well, Iíve been working for thirty-five years now, lately as a statistical clerk, and have various crafts/hobbies. I do have a creative streak in me, but I have an awful drawback too, Iím very particular in getting things as close to perfect as I can! I was introduced to the Internet and WOW Iíve met a whole new world - PCing!!!!! Because of the Yahoo groups, Iíve met many a lovely group of ladies on my too few trips and try to keep in touch afterwards too!

In the fall of 1999, I saw an awesome wall hanging pattern with orchids (my other passion) and the beginning of my quilting addiction. Iíve participated in a few round robins but only have one completed Ė yes, a crazy patch one, naturally! My passion for crazy quilting has gone beyond whatever I envisioned as a ďhobbyĒ Ė but with working full time itís hard to fit in all I wish to do.

The first picture is my centre block (March 2002) for the round robin, along with the finished hanger. It was very basic, but I treasure this one dearly and it hangs over my PC.

The second photo is crazyquilted bookmarks (February 2008); I hosted the swap in one of my Yahoo groups. I drew up my own template and then stitched and embellished without following any pattern, just looked up the techniques. It was awesome receiving othersí work and small enough to not be taxing to novices to crazy quilting.

In that same group I hosted a CQ Mystery Project (completed June 2008). Every few weeks I would post various stitches or patches/motifs to be completed wherever they chose on their block for a completed block competition. After that we had another few weeks to finish that block into a ďprojectĒ for a Viewers Choice award. I had about half those who signed up actually complete their blocks and a few that did finish off their projects. I was very impressed with the reception this project received; maybe it was because the owner had control of their block from start to finish? Anyway, here is one of my blocks in which I had to keep one step ahead of the group so I could prepare the next steps. As yet Iíve not completed mine which was proposed for an eyeglasses or rotary cutter case. We will see.

Now Iíve participated in other block round robins and swaps, but those are not completed and many smaller items as gifts etc. I LOVE crazy quilting and am definitely starting a stash for such future projects. One of my ongoing sources is CQMagOnline, which Iím constantly checking out on release, along with referring it to others for eye candy or reference purposes. Plus, itís awesome when I recognize a fellow Yahoo Group crazy quilter in your articles. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

Rose Anne Burdeny
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

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