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Dear Friends,

With much consideration I have decided to step down as staff member and writer for CQMagOnline. As time passes, I have found myself wanting to explore many new creative ventures and this is not possible unless I relieve myself of a few current commitments, such as creating and writing for this wonderful crazy quilt resource.

I have enjoyed bringing you projects and interviews in the past years and hope to continue sharing my ideas on my blog and website. It was a wonderful experience to have had the pleasure of working with Nora Creeach; and she will be missed by us all.

Thank you for the wonderful letters and emails I have received from you through the years. I am happy to know I have encouraged many of you and have introduced this beautiful art to so many through my work.

Iím looking forward to many CQMagOnline issues as the wonderful staff works itís magic to bring you interesting and informational articles.

Thank you all for your readership and have an exceptional New Year!

Warm regards,

Patricia Winter

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