Color Coordinated Embellishment Traveling Kits

Pat Winter © 2009

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Most of us enjoy taking along a small project when we travel, or even to an appointment to relax while we are forever waiting. However, time doesn't always permit us to gather supplies together. I have an easy solution for this: color coordinated embellishment travel kits. You can make these ahead of time in several color ways to keep handy.

Here I have one in green.

I have chosen an assortment of seed beads, pre-made ribbon florets, dyed lace and trims, and dyed silk ribbon assortment.

To assemble your kits, wind the silk ribbons, lace, and trims onto a 6” bead tube. These can be purchased at your local bead shop. Secure them by wrapping a small piece of heavy cling vinyl around each item. The cling film sticks to itself, but is not an adhesive so there is no sticky residue; the vinyl will keep the ribbons very secure. You can purchase it in the fabric section at Hobby Lobby and most sewing stores.

Pour your selected “bead soup” into the tube and add any charms, buttons, and ribbon flower embellishments you prefer. The tube closes tightly and your color coordinated stash is ready for travel.

Make these in every color and keep them in a small zipper bag ready to grab whichever colors you are using in your small projects.

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