Fabric Memory Game
…For All Ages

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With two new nieces in the family, children have been on my mind so I thought it would be nice to share a soft, fun, and safe children’s game project that I’m sure you all remember from childhood, “The Memory Game”. This would make a nice gift for Valentine’s Day.

You may use household images such as clothing, foods, pets, etc., for even more of a learning experience for children, or you may make small crazy quilts to give to friends or for yourself. Taking photos around your home with your child would make this game more fun for them. I chose little fairy images purchased from Patti at “Lisa’s Altered Art”.

Research shows keeping your mind active in activities such as working puzzles, stitching, and playing memory games could possibly keep memory loss away.

Whatever works!


  1. Two copies of fifteen images of your choice (don’t forget you need two of each image). You may use less depending on your preference. Altered fairy image source at the link below.
  2. Computer fabric sheets for printing images
  3. Fusible webbing such as Wonder Under
  4. Muslin to fuse images onto depending on the size of your desired block - I used 3” blocks
  5. Fun printed cotton fabric for backing. These should all be the same fabric. Coordinate with theme such as pink or red hearts for Valentines Day, Victorian print for crazy quilt blocks, animal paw prints for animal blocks, etc.
  6. Thin batting or felt for center


Print out two of each image; 30 total.
Fuse Wonder Under to printed sheets. Cut out each image, peel off fusible backing and iron onto muslin.
Embellish if you desire, keeping in mind appropriate embellishments for children; nothing small enough to choke on.  
Sandwich the image block, batting or felt, and cotton print; press together, and then stitch around edges.
Press again and cut around the stitched edge with pinking rotary cutter or shears.
You can sew up a matching cotton pouch to keep the game pieces in.  

 How to Play the Game:

A person who is not playing, will prepare block placement. With images face up, arrange blocks in rows of five across and six down. Move matching images away from each other, and then turn over the blocks. The player randomly turns over two blocks. If they match, they remain facing up. If they are not a match, they both get turned back over, and next player has a turn. The person with the most “sets” of blocks turned over wins. This game teaches memory, and it is harder than you think. Try it!!! I double dog dare you!


My altered fairy image source: www.lisasalteredart.com

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