Remembering Lauren

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I joined my local guild seven years ago when I moved to the town where I now live. One of the members was a young lady named Lauren. I never thought about her age, but I would guess she was in her late forties or early fifties. Lauren had several serious health problems. She had already suffered a stroke several years before, and was a diabetic. I have never met a more delightful person; Lauren had the most wonderful attitude. Quilting was a little difficult for her, but her quilts were lovely and she always managed to get control of her challenges. As the years passed I became better acquainted with Lauren and grew to love and respect her. As the years passed she developed more health problems and each was more serious than the one before. Her kidneys failed, she had heart attacks, and finally about a year ago, she left us for a better place; pain free and free of the health problems she had carried with her for so long. I am a better person having known Lauren. We miss her.

One of the classes I teach is Crazy Quilting. Lauren took my class three years ago. She loved the technique because she didn’t have to struggle with matching anything. Crazy Quilting was fun for her and she stayed up late at night working on her blocks. It made me feel good that she enjoyed doing what I had taught her.

I belong to a second guild in another town. We have a quilt show and challenge each year. I purchased the fabric for the 2009 challenge at the 2008 show. I placed the fabric on my design wall and looked at it for several weeks, and finally decided it looked southwest. I decided to make a crazy quilt and use southwest embellishments. My little friend Lauren loved the southwest and her home was decorated with that theme. She has been on my mind so much this last year; I decided to name my quilt “Remembering Lauren.”

It is not finished, but almost. I have leather and raw wool I will use in the border and binding to add finishing touches. A few seams still need embellishing. You will see my gray beading thread hanging down in two pictures.

The quilt is 20” x 30”. The first picture is the whole quilt, and the following pictures are close ups of several areas.

You will notice my fabric is textured. I wet the fabric and pushed it through the square holes of a cake cooling rack. I allowed it to dry and then pulled it out. I just thought I would try something different. I pressed some pieces flatter than others. It is interesting, and definitely different.

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