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Rissa Peace Root 2009

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This first issue of 2009 is dedicated to Nora Creeach, former editor and beloved friend. We will all miss her and wanted to remember her in some way.  I hope this is not a somber issue, but one which will give you, the reader, a peek into the life and times of someone who promoted crazy quilting by offering this magazine as a free resource.  It is my intention to celebrate Nora's life and to honor her wishes to see the magazine continue under my watch.  While I know I can never really fill her shoes, I am equally dedicated to offering a quality quarterly periodical focused on the crazy quilting community.  I am lucky to have some dedicated staff members who are also willing to share their knowledge and volunteer time and services to CQMagOnline. 

Also in this issue, Barbara Blankenship has put together a contest to solicit articles from our reader community.  Our logo says it all, "for crazy quilters by crazy quilters." Staff members come and go, even readers come and go, but our goal remains the same.  We need to keep the magazine alive by harvesting ideas and projects from enthusiastic readers, and help them craft articles that can serve the crazy quilting community as a whole.  Please note, that does not mean that we are only seeking articles about crazy quilted blocks and items; we are also looking for articles that cover techniques and ideas for embellishment, as well as documentation of both historical crazy quilts and modern CQ projects.  So, if you were sitting on the fence, this is the year to put together an article and submit it to CQMagOnline.

There are also articles on Goldwork for CQ, piano key borders, some step-by-step projects, the Readers' Showcase, plus book and product reviews for your reading pleasure.  Please enjoy this issue and we look forward to seeing your articles.  Your continued support is what will keep CQMagOnline going strong. 

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