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It was a distinct privilege to have worked with Nora at CQMagOnline these last several years, but much more than that it was a such pleasure to know her, even though I never had the opportunity to meet her in person. Nora was always warmly encouraging to me, and I admired her strength, determination, grace and humor as she faced many challenges in her life.

Nora's relish for all things "craft" was infectious and endearing; she leaves a legacy of connection, inspiration and enthusiasm that will be sorely missed.

Lynn Schoeffler

I, too, only knew Nora via email and the telephone, but I quickly came to appreciate her as a wise woman with a great sense of humor. I will always consider her as a role model for how she dealt with her illness--with courage, acceptance, but a steely determination to beat the odds for as long as possible.

I feel so privileged to have known her and gotten to write for CQMagOnline under her tutelage.

God speed, Nora!

Allison Aller

My first contact with Nora was when I received an email from her inviting me to join the magazine. I was so thrilled to become a part of this group. Nora was always so sweet and helpful. Once she offered to help me do my web page, but we never go around to it. She will be missed.

Dean Deerfield

Nora was someone you could not help but to admire and look up to. She was a founding member of the CQMagOnline. She served as Editor for many years and kept the magazine alive along with her many other ventures. The few times Nora phoned me, I felt as if I had known her forever. She was comforting, very kind, and supportive. When Nora phoned to ask me to join CQMagOnline I felt like I had received a phone call from the queen herself. It was such an honor to be able to contribute what I could to help keep CQMagOnline going forward. Nora will be missed by many friends as well as so many of us here in cyberspace that never had the pleasure and honor to meet her in person.

I like to think Nora and Bill are now together pain free and watching the show!

Rest in peace Nora and Bill.

Pat Winter

Nora was a talented CQ "treasure" that will be greatly missed. Our world has been graced through her building of CQMagOnline and sharing of her wonderful skills. My only regret is not having been able to meet her in person. Her spirit carries on through this publication and our memories of her.

Leslie Ehrlich

I will always be grateful for the Dallas crazy quilt retreat and the opportunity to meet Nora. What a lovely and gracious lady she was. She loved the art of crazy quilting and silk ribbon embroidery and enjoyed sharing with everyone she one was a stranger. I sat at the table next to Nora and she came prepared with the supplies she needed and extra for those of us who were not as prepared as we should have been.

Several years later I was honored to join the CQMagOnline staff. Nora was truly dedicated to this wonderful magazine and a driving force to assure its success. In her gracious but firm manner she made sure that all of us were prepared for each issue. The crazy quilt community owes a debt of gratitude to this wonderful lady and her vision for a magazine dedicated to the art of crazy quilting.

Barbara Blankenship

I, too, never had the pleasure of meeting Nora, but did communicate with her via telephone and email. When the magazine was about to fold, Nora jumped up and took the reins with so much enthusiasm. She was so creative, diligent and still maintained an atmosphere of wanted to contribute. May she and Bill rest in peace.

Rita Goff

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