Hearts Stitched Together

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"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community" (Anthony D’Angelo)

Caring and community: two words that definitely speak of the Crazy Quilting community at large. At any given time it seems there are always efforts under way to raise funds for charities or to bring cheer to people in difficult circumstances; including Pat Winter’s Comfort Doll Project (on-going), Sharon Boggon and Annie Whitsed’s Katrina Quilt, and Kimber Pekora’s Teddy Bear Quilt for Juvenile Diabetes to name just a few.

When word came from Leslie Ehrlich that she would be putting together a CQ Quilt for an auction to raise money for breast cancer research (see Leslie’s article "Quilt Design Quandary…Solved!"), of course, the CQ community hopped to it, donating fifty-four blocks!

Leslie’s design called for large 12" square blocks, with a "Heart" theme. It would be something new for me: I don’t usually work such large blocks, and I have never done any white on white work. I’m a woman who likes color! Plus, I decided that I preferred to do something a little different than a traditional CQ pattern.

Starting with a bleeding heart shape of about 7" high and wide, I chose off-white satin for the background fabric. Maria Freitas’ lovely Cast-On roses were my focal point because of their drama and height (see Maria’s Rose article). I had already stitched the roses when I decided that I wanted more background texture. An hour’s hunt through my lace drawer found a delicate old piece of machine-needle lace, which I couched onto the satin, carefully cutting holes for the roses to fit through.

Fly-Stitch leaves were next and then some gorgeous old leaf motifs from a squishy by Cathy—thanks! It’s always interesting to me that many times exactly what I need seems to be what came across my desk last. The beads here are size eights, stitched on singly, and held together in line by weaving a metallic thread through them in a continuous figure eight pattern.

The rest of the leaves are vintage cotton motifs, as are the large fantasy flowers on the right. These motifs actually had four quarters, so I rolled and stitched each side of one petal lengthwise toward its center, creating a calyx to support the pearl and giving the flower a tri-petal look.

Two additional hearts in the same shape only smaller were added to the block. I used three small satin yo-yo flowers with prairie-point leaves for one, and a textured cotton Jacquard with glass pearls for the other. All of the hearts had a layer of Warm & Natural cotton batting used as a foundation to stabilize the beading; it also made the hearts easy to appliqué onto the block background. Finally, I added lace around each heart, and glass pearl rosettes to the background for a little further dimension.

Here is the floral pattern for the large block; it should easily adapt to any stitches you might wish to use. Also included is the heart shape, so you don’t have to spend time drawing your own!

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