Maria's Rose

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Every so often, I head on over to the Edmar Brazilian Embroidery website to see whatís new; this time I found that Maria was offering a big size 15 Millinerís needle for her beautiful Cast-On Stitch Rose. That was intriguing to me, seeing as I had just finished a block featuring Mariaís Rose (see Hearts Stitched Together in this issue).

When I had trouble finding this larger needle, I called Maria at her new Wyoming address, and it was very pleasant to renew my acquaintance with her after many years. Maria was kind enough to grant permission for CQMagOnline to reprint her instructions for this dramatic Brazilian bloom, which lends itself very nicely to a variety of sizes and applications. She also sent the needle!

Here is a quick visual of the difference in needle sizes. For the roses in my article I used a size 9 needle; you can see how much larger the size 15 needle is. The individual petals worked with this needle tend to be more full, and also a little more lacy looking. These roses were worked in Edmar color number 321.

You can find instructions for Mariaís Rose and many other beautiful flowers in her book, The Art of Dimensional Embroidery. For further information regarding Brazilian Embroidery also try the Brazilian Embroidery International Guild web site.*

For basic Cast-On Stitch instructions and good on-line photos, see Sharon Bís great Stitch Dictionary. **

Another couple of hints: to make the last few petals ruffle, give a little jerk to your working thread to tighten random Cast-On Stitches as you add them to the needle, about every fourth or fifth stitch.

The roses in photo two are about the size of a nickel. The circle I drew for the flower center was about 4mm. Move each finished petal toward the center with your thumb, and snug the start of the new petal almost directly under the previous petal. This will cause the petals to stand up, and they will close up the middle circle. If you still see fabric showing in the center of the rose, just add a few big colonial knots or beads.

Thanks to Suellene Peterson for the gorgeous dyed Venetian lace that I added to my rose!



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