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Krafter’s Komfycush® by StoneCreek Creations, Inc.

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Everyone just has to put their tush on the Krafter’s Komfycush®! This wonderful cushion provides comfort with organization. Now, could you ask for more!

While at the 2008 Houston International Quilt Market, I had the opportunity to see some really great products, and this one is at the top of my list. I was immensely impressed with this company and their product line.  One of the most professional and upbeat companies I have had the pleasure to interview; their marketing ideas were over the top providing fun for everyone, and I really enjoyed my brief interview with company President, Terri Gordon. Their booth was a delight. Market attendees were visiting the booth by the droves to meet Kenzie Leigh.

Who is Kenzie Leigh you ask? Kenzie Leigh is a bright and sometimes mischievous, cute "4 ½ year old" who likes to sneak into her Mom’s craft room to play while sitting in her mommy’s BIG chair (which is comfy because it is covered with the awesome Krafter’s Komfycush®). Kenzie Leigh sat in her BIG chair welcoming everyone to the StoneCreek Creations booth with bright colored pigtail headbands, coupons, and the opportunity to have their picture taken with her and receive a complimentary copy. Kenzie Leigh stayed in character all day long each day to the delight of the attendees, keeping all the visitors to the booth in stitches with her adorable antics. The entire floor at the Houston Market was covered with people donning bright colored pigtails (even the men!). The StoneCreek Creations booth was definitely the hot spot for everyone to visit. They had a great display of their product line in wonderful vivid colors and several chairs with the Krafter’s Komfycush® set up for attendees to try. So now, let’s tell you a bit about the Krafter’s Komfycush® and the rest of StoneCreek’s product line so you can get your tush on a Krafter’s Komfycush® and get organized for the New Year!

The Krafter’s Komfycush®

The Krafter’s Komfycush® is a full size seat cushion. It easily folds up to a convenient size for added portability and provides hours of comfort as you stitch, craft, or even work at your home computer. I use it all the time and even take it with me to meetings I attend, as you just never know what kind of chairs await you. The Krafter’s Komfycush® has a thick padded seat cushion with fully detachable and adjustable side panels to accommodate varying chair heights and types. Talk about great functionality! In addition, each side panel has three pockets to keep idea books and tools/supplies handy while you are working on your projects. Made of a durable canvas-type material, it comes in Passion Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Bright Blue and Black. The Krafter’s Komfycush® coordinates with the other products offered by StoneCreek Creations, Inc. which are: The Original Krafter’s Purse™, The Karousel® Tabletop Spinner, The Roomy KP2®, and The KP mini™ . All these products are versatile, convenient and portable.


The Original Krafter’s Purse™

The Original Krafter’s Purse™ is the perfect tabletop tool organizer/tote. This portable multi-pocket tote keeps those small tools and supplies right at your fingertips…wherever you are! This organizer/tote has wonderful features: eight exterior pockets, elastic bands to hold pens, markers, scissors, etc. upright, two interior zippered compartments, a key fob, and a fully detachable closure strap, just to name a few. Its approximate size is 9” long x 7” high x 5” deep. Another really nice feature is that you can get a rotating base for it (The Karousel® Tabletop Spinner) which really makes the Krafter’s Purse™ a space saver and convenient to use.

Generously, StoneCreek Creations, Inc. has a program for donating a portion of their sales of the Krafter’s Purse™ in the fight against breast cancer, they donate $2.00 for each Passion Pink Krafter’s Purse™ that they sell. They are committed to help support the fight against breast cancer and began this charitable program in October 2004 when they first introduced the Krafter’s Purse™ in Passion Pink.

The Karousel® Tabletop Spinner

The Karousel® is a ‘turn-table’ or ‘lazy Susan’ designed specifically for use with the Krafter’s Purse™. Just set it down, spin it ‘round! It allows you the ability to spin your Krafter’s Purse™ around with ease to access your tools and supplies on all sides.

It is made of a lightweight, durable plastic and has a ball bearing mechanism for smooth, long-lasting operation. It comes in Black only and really provides a nice base for your Krafter’s Purse™. The Roomy KP²® is the perfect bag for those larger tools and supplies. It is approximately 13” long, 12” high, and 8” deep. It has a padded shoulder strap, and a removable hard plastic insert that goes in the bottom of the bag for rigidity. Just toss this bag over your shoulder filled with your favorite tools and go! It holds more than you can imagine. This bag is great to take to sewing bees, quilting retreats, or other workshops.

The trio is pictured here – the KP2®, the Krafter’s Purse® and the Karousel®.

The KP mini™

I have the KP mini™  and I just love it. It is approximately 4 ½’ wide by 4 ½” deep by 5 ½” tall with a built-in rotating base, which makes it just perfect for desktop storage. It is perfectly portable and has a wide range of uses; saves space and holds a lot for being classified as a ‘mini.’

This entire line of products has so many uses. You can organize and tote items used in sewing of any kind (quilting, needlepoint, knitting, etc.), beading and jewelry making, scrap booking, stamping, pet grooming, teaching, just to name a few – the sky is the limit. And, with the bright fun colors available, they add a cheery note everywhere you use them.

For more information about StoneCreek Creations, Inc. products and where to find them, visit their website at

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