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January 2009

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This block is my creation for our 2009 WTWW ArtBraLadies Wall Hanging. Under the expert guidance of Victoria Adams Brown, we are entering our fourth year. The completed wall hangings are donated to cancer centers and hospitals throughout the United States.

We have chosen shades of pink and Victorian rose for our two coordinating colors. Each designer was mailed a piece of the rose Dupioni in order to have one like fabric in each block. Our theme was roses.

I appliquéd five petals of differing shades of pink Dupioni onto a 9” square block of the rose silk. Each petal was then embellished with silk ribbon embroidery roses and Bullion roses made with Edmar threads.

The three standing petals are cut the same size as the appliquéd ones. Here are some brief instructions for creating a similar block:

Cut a 9” square of background fabric and muslin. Baste the muslin to the back side of the background fabric.

Using paper, create a large petal pattern freehand. You will need to experiment with size until you have one you like. Cut eleven petals. I used different shades of Dupioni, but any fancy fabric will work.

Five petals need to be appliquéd to the 9” square block, each one overlapping. When they are in place, you will embellish them.

Six petals will be used for the standing petals. Cut three pieces of muslin the same size as the petals, and baste onto the back side of three petals; embellish these three.

Each embellished petal will need to be finished. Take one plain petal and one embellished petal. With right sides together, stitch around the curved edges leaving the bottom open. Turn and finger press the seams. Blind Stitch the opening closed.

You will attach these three finished petals onto the appliquéd ones. Overlap them and stitch by hand at the base of each petal.

I have placed some rose trim in the center of the finished block for this picture. I plan to do a large rolled rose in Hanah silk, and stitch it in the center. I love the embellishment part of this project and will probably experiment with different designs before making my final decision.

I invite you to visit our Flickr site:, and see each block being made for our 2009 project. We have some wonderful designers who always create the most beautiful blocks. You will definitely be inspired by their amazing work.

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