Easy, Steamy Curves

Allison Aller © 2009

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Here is an easy, steamy method for putting together a crazy quilt block with curved patches. It is steamy because it uses a steam iron, and easy because there are no turned under edges.

I wanted to make a quick portrait project for my expectant niece and her husband. Her mother had taken a lovely photograph of them, and that beautiful new curve in my nieceís figure inspired the look I wanted in my block.

After I had printed the picture on fabric and fused it to its background of vintage quilt blocks, I placed this in the center of a muslin foundation and used the following method to lay out my block.

All the ribbon, rick rack, and lace in this picture have been ironed into curved shapes. I tugged on one end of a piece of trim in a downward motion as I steam ironed, thus setting in a gentle curve.

I began laying out my patches by cutting them out, and simply pinned my curved trims over the abutting edges of the patches.

I laid out the whole block, pinning everything down, before I sewed anything.

Then, I machine zigzagged everything down using clear thread.

One advantage of this method is that you can easily change your design after it is sewn down. If you had fused your design into place, this would not be the case.

I decided I didnít like that pointy pink arch, so with my seam ripper I easily removed the offending patches and trim, and replaced them with something that had a softer line.

Presto! My block was ready for embellishment!

This was a pleasurable process for creating a block with curved pieces, and I hope you will try it. It was nice not having any seam allowance layers to sew through, too!

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