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Clover White Marking Pen

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Representing CQMagOnline affords me the opportunity to see many products on the market that I might not see otherwise. I know I mention the Houston Quilt Market and Festival in most of my articles, but this is the venue where I find so many great ideas, concepts, and tools.

We are given the opportunity to sign up for three classes during Market, and we search the pages for those classes we feel might be of interest to our readers. This is always done months prior to Market, and then we wait with anticipation for October to arrive.

Various vendors contribute the supplies to each teacher in order to introduce their product. There are always several that I have not heard of or used, and I jot those down in preparation to introduce them to you. This is what Julie and I will be doing in the 2009 issues of CQMagOnline.

We try to visit the booths and thank the vendors for the opportunity to try out their products. I would like to express my thanks once again, as I begin to share with you many great products available that make our work easier.

In this issue I would like to tell you about the Clover White Marking Pen. It is the perfect marking pen for dark fabrics, but works well on the medium value fabrics as well. Itís an ink-based pen with the ink being delivered by a roller ball.

The white ink is virtually invisible until it dries which takes approximately 60 seconds. The marks disappear with ironing or spraying with water. What a fantastic tool for the crazy quilter. We donít wash our finished projects, so being able to iron the marks away is a wonderful feature.

Have you ever marked something, and then discovered you did it incorrectly or in the wrong place? Now you can simply iron the mark away and start over again. This is a wonderful tool for any sewing kit. Please check your nearest retailer carrying the Clover products.

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