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Kai Dressmaking Scissors

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Brooke Easley Long, owner of Hanah/Artemis Silks, introduced me to this wonderful pair of scissors. She had watched Jim Peterson’s demonstration at the Houston Quilt Market and knew they were perfect for her business.

These scissors are made of stainless steel and vanadium. I can personally recommend their superb cutting action and their remarkable ability to cut the lightest weight fabric without slippage.

The unique feature of the Kai Dressmaking Scissors is their ability to cut through multiple layers of fabric without any shifting whatsoever in the fabric. I experimented with sixteen layers of kimono silk and was totally impressed. Pictured here is my pair of the 10” dressmaking scissors.

I also bought a pair of the 8” scissors.

Although not advertised to cut through multiple layers of fabric, they do a great job. They are superb for everyday sewing needs. Without doubt, these are the best scissors I’ve ever had. If you are in the market for a new pair, please consider the Kai Scissors.


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