Keeping it Simple:
Easy Seam Templates

Maureen Greeson 2009

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Here is a little idea that will give an easy punch to your crazy quilts and any other project: use your elementary school talent for making snowflakes!! You will get fabulous outline results for motifs, and you can make them any size you want or need. Start a little larger than what you need for a space, and keep cutting it down until it fits where you want it. Or cut it large, it's easier yet; draw around it on a piece of paper and reduce it on your computer.

Fold paper in straight strips and cut across the folds to get an original design for your seams. I either use a marking pencil to trace the design onto my fabric, or trace the designs onto tissue paper, baste it to my project, and stitch. I've provided pictures of a few designs after cutting the paper, and a little "after" work of one design done three ways for you to see how I make use of them. If you haven't guessed by now, I have a short attention span and like things simple. This method saves me the time of always having to search a book or in getting too caught up in perfection. My goal is to have things look pretty when I'm finished but, at least I get it finished.

Additions: You can take the same general design and add other stitches and dimension as you desire just by outlining the initial cut out design on paper first, and then add the designs that you can build from that. You can do the enhanced design on tissue paper again if this will help to get your additions placed evenly. Add flowers to be embroidered in threads or silk ribbon, along with beads, charms, buttons, etc. as the final touch.

I use a lot of templates. Some I buy, some I make, and some designs are accomplished by using everyday things like lids and other household items that have a shape I like.

My new blog and website are now ready and I hope you will drop by often!! I'm excited to be back and sharing my ideas.

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