A Simple, Quick Technique That Unifies a Block

Sharon Boggon 2009

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Many crazy quilters have couched thicker threads to their blocks, but have you ever thought of creating your own interesting combination by twisting together a couple of finer yarns?

This idea recently occurred to me. On a block I couched a textured twisted groups of yarns. I wanted the "twist" to represent the stem of a flower spray I was working. I knew I was going to use finer thread for feather stitch, in a background filler in this flower spray so I used some of these threads in the "twist."

I decided to twist together finer threads I was planning to use in the block into a single thicker thread to use as the stem. I also added a dark tone, a medium tone and light tone thread to create interest. Then to the twist I added a metallic thread to give it even more zip.

I couched the thread as normal.

This was the result!

As you can see, the technique is simple, quick and can tie together different elements of colour and texture on a block.


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