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Pennyís Postcard Posse needs you! Thatís right, Crazy Quilters of America, Penny Halgren is enlisting all needleworkers, fiber artists, scrapbookers, quilters of every type, including us crazies, in her bid to recognize and support our troops abroad. Penny and her helpers send fabric postcards to our military personnel: to date over 12,928 cards have been sent!

Formed by Penny for the Fourth of July holiday in 2006, this first postcard drive rounded up more than 139 greetings for soldiers in Iraq. Since then, many more quilters have joined the effort, along with kids, families and service groups. Postcards are sent for six holidays during the year, so there is always a theme to work with. I put a piece of camouflage fabric in the scanner, changed the colors in Photo Shop to something the Easter Bunny liked, and sent him and two more friends off; I got a big kick out of his military bearing!

Penny supports a fabulous website, where you can find everything you need to get started: free instructions for building your postcards, photos of cards already sent, guidelines and the date calendar shown here.

Dates for Penny's Postcard Posse 2009

Celebration  Send your postcard by this date  Actual date of Celebration
Valentine's Day January 15 February 14
Easter / Spring  March 8 April 12
US Independence Day - 4th of July May 20 July 4
Happy Birthday! August 10 All Year
Halloween (just for fun!) September 22 October 31
Thanksgiving October 23 November 26
Christmas / Holidays November 18 December 25

Please send your cards to:

Diane Malaznik
14215 Westmore St.
Livonia, MI 48154-4149

Please join me in this great effort to send caring messages to men and women stationed far from home in the service of their country. Penny tells me that crazy quilters may include any dimensional work they like, including beads, found objects, photos - whatever you can think of that would bring a smile to the face of these deserving people.

Photos used with permission of Penny Halgren.

The next date is for the Forth of July 2009 holiday - due date to have your postcard mailed to Diane Malaznik is MAY 20 -YOU CAN JUST MAKE IT!

Thanks to Christi Paulson for the heads up!

Pennyís Postcard Posse: http://www.fabric-postcards.com/

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