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Rissa Peace Root 2009

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In the past, I have shared personal experiences with my commitment to health and Spark People, an online weight loss community.  I was not intending to update the story any further, until recently.  I published my tribute to Nora in the last issue and included a photo of us all together at the Tree House. Quite frankly, I was surprised by the photo. I had not seen that particular picture in some time, so it was jarring when I saw myself. You might think it odd that I had such a strong reaction, but I really do not remember being that large.

When I mentioned this reaction to my husband, he supplied another photo from the same time period (I am even wearing the same shirt). It was also startling, especially since the pose was so similar to the photo I currently use as my profile on FaceBook. I thought would share both of them here. 

Rissa with Louie then Rissa with Roscoe now

The photo on the left was from long before I began my weight loss journey, while the one on the right was from just a few months ago. Since I started my personal journey to health and wellness, I have lost over sixty pounds, most of that since joining Weight Watchers last July. Although I was too large to wear jeans comfortably in the photo with Louie, two years ago I wore an 18 Women's and now I wear a 10 Petite. Actually, I am close to my original weight prior to getting sick with thyroid disease, even if it is not distributed the same way as it once was.

So the more observant of you might have noticed that I have not changed my profile photo on the staff page. Why?  Because I genuinely like it.  This was never really about fat, it was about being healthy and feeling my best. I just love that picture of me with my camera, even if I was sixty pounds heavier than I am now. Maybe if someone takes another photo that I feel really captures my personality, I will update it eventually.

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