Jo Newsham's Seams Like Fun: Seam Treatment Inspirations

Reviewed by Allison Aller 2009

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Jo Newsham, or "Jo in New Zealand," is widely known in the online international crazy quilt community for her impeccable stitching (among her other fine traits.) I have always been in awe of the clean and intricate seam treatments she creates, so I was hugely pleased when Jo put together a small book of pictures of her seam treatments and put it up for sale on Etsy. There are no diagrams or instructions, but crazy quilters with some stitching under their belts will get plenty of ideas and inspiration, so I highly recommend it.

I am the lucky owner of two of Jo's original works of art, shown here with the book.

Jo wrote an article for us about how she gets that nice finished edge on her postcards and other CQ blocks. You can find it here.

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