Crazy Quilt Travel Cup

Kimber Pekora 2009

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I was recently shopping in a dollar store when I came across a travel cup that caught my attention. It had an insert area for adding pictures, or for people like myself, who immediately think of a CQ block . My mothers birthday and Mother's Day are approaching, so I thought it would be nice to make her a gift with the cup. I have a picture of her and I from when I was a baby and decided it would be perfect for the project.

I first traced the pattern of the block size that I would need onto my backing fabric.

Next, I placed the fabric with the picture of mom and I in the center of my backing fabric.

I proceeded to piece the block using the sew and flip method; pressing as I went along.

I embellished the block, keeping in mind that the area into which it will be inserted is narrow; big bulky embellishments were not an option for this project.

I folded the edges under and stitched them. I wrapped the block around the cup insert and pinned it into place with straight pins at the seam where it met. I used a Herringbone Stitch and secured the block onto the insert, and then removed the pins. Lastly, I inserted the cup into the outer shell of the cup.

I am looking forward to giving this as a gift to my mom. I can think of so many possibilities for this, such as gifts for teachers, friends and family. 

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