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Rissa Peace Root 2009

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As always, we have some amazing articles and projects to share with our readers; Maureen Greeson has provided a Block of the Issue and another installment of Keep It Simple, Lynn Schoeffler offers us a lesson in photo collage using Microsoft Word, Barbara Blankenship shares the details of her trip back East to visit friends and fellow artists, Julie Yonge introduces the readers to pin-weaving, Leslie Ehrlich continues her exploration of trees, and Allison Aller discusses the latest Alliance for American Quilts contest.  We are grateful that Cindy Thury Smith and Victoria Adams Brown have also contributed articles.

This issue also marks the first one for Lynn Schoeffler as Assistant Editor.  Lynn has been quietly and selflessly doing a lot of work behind the scenes for the last few years and I am so glad that she will be publicly acknowledged for her hard work.  We have had a great working relationship for many years.  Lucky for me, she long ago recognized my odd sense of humor and strange ways.  Also, since I am not a morning person, the time difference has never affected our ability to communicate.  I do not want to embarrass her, but I certainly want to acknowledge her hard work and dedication.

As editor, I have to admit, some issues are harder than others. Over the past six months, staff members have lost loved ones, broken bones, had surgery and cared for aging parents.  Even if we were paid staff members, many of us would have called in sick or taken personal time during the last few months.  I am so proud of our staffers for being able to pull out an issue, despite it all.  It is amazing that the love of crazy quilting and commitment are incentive enough to keep this free, online magazine going for so many years. 

I hope you will enjoy this issue and consider submitting an article or photo's of your latest project to the Readers' Showcase.

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