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This square of the month is based on how I do the majority of my crazy quilting. I almost never start with picking colors and then piecing. I start with a print, mark where I want it to be, and then do my piecing in colors that coordinate. In this case I chose monochromatic colors in cream, beige and tan, with a shadow oval for the print in a light teal. I like to make the print stand out by sewing it on after the piecing is done and not as a part of the piecing.

Normally, I do not do squares as I prefer my projects to be continuous crazy quilting no matter what size they are. Also, when I have done squares in the past, they are still in a drawer waiting to be put together with others (ones I haven't made yet.) That's why I love doing wall hangings and smaller projects so much. Done is done!!! So this "square" of the month is marked with a dotted line to show the boundaries of a 12" square if that's your preference, but then I continued to make it the wall hanging that I want. It will be a finished size of 12"x20".

This is a sew and flip project except for pieces 9 and 10 (sew these together first before adding them.) The last seam for piece 19 will have to be turned under and appliquéd down. If you are only doing the square, start with piece #6 at the bottom edge of the square, and continue through 19 as you would if doing the wall hanging. Machine stitch around the oval shape to mark placement for the shadow oval.

Both the shadow and the print ovals are lined. Split the lining for turning and carefully press the seam. Cut three pieces of fleece (I use Warm & Natural because I like the thickness) in progressively smaller ovals. Place and tack the fleece ovals to the wall hanging starting with the smallest one and building up to the shadow oval. Place the print oval on top with a single layer of fleece under it, but offset it to the right side.

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