Keeping It Simple:
Wonder-Under and Crinoline Ladies

Maureen Greeson 2009

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Using Wonder Under to add designs to your CQ project can give you a little more latitude for a different look. Just be certain that you realize these projects should be items that are not handled a lot. As you can see in the close up of my finished lady, which is much bigger than the original, there is some fraying on the edges. It is slight, however, and she is actually a mere 3 1/4" high on my wall hanging, so it's hard to notice these little imperfections even close up.

This lady is from an antique transfer and had to be tweaked in order to be usable for Wonder Under.

Below are photos of the design that I started with (left photo) and after I made the necessary changes.

Stay away from fingers and noses at all costs when you pick a design!!! This is why her face was done away with, and a bonnet was added. Her arms were slender so I just eliminated her fingers.

Below is a chart of the breakdown of the different parts and the order that they should be applied. These are the reverse of your finished lady and ready for you to trace onto Wonder Under. Next cut around the tracings leaving a border around them. Iron them onto the different color fabrics as desired. Place Wonder Under on any all-over lace you want to add as an overskirt etc., and iron it to the right side of the fabric. Now you can turn all of the pieces over and cut them out along the lines you traced.

Place Drawing 2 under a see-through Teflon Pressing Sheet, remove the paper from the back of your pieces, and place them on the pressing sheet, lining them up with the drawing. Iron the pieces together. You can now carefully lift it (it will not stick to the Teflon) and move it to your project to iron it down. Stitch any design elements you like to her such as the lace along her skirt. I kept it simple to avoid the chance of causing more fraying. The watering can was easily though, in this case, not too nicely embroidered. As usual, I was in a hurry.

I am also sharing a few of my vintage Crinoline lady transfers for you to use as you wish. Simplify them and use Wonder Under as above or embroider them as they were originally intended.


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