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Special exhibit celebrates inspirational views
“The Eye of the Quilter”
contest unites lovers of fabric and photos

HOUSTON—June 16, 2009—Quilters have always had an eye for style in producing their incredibly detailed and creative works of art. Many of them also apply that keen insight to other art forms, including photography. This year, International Quilt Festival announces the debut of an exciting new contest that brings these two interests together.

“The Eye of the Quilter: Inspirations” will debut at the 35th anniversary of International Quilt Festival/Houston this October 15-18. But instead of works of fabric, this special exhibit will feature photographs—taken by quilters—of something that “inspires” them. It could be a sunset, a child’s  face, a landscape, body of water…the possibilities are endless.

“I am excited about coordinating this contest because I know it will produce some amazing works,” says Wilma Hart, Vice President of Corporate Projects for Quilts, Inc. and a lifelong avid photographer herself. “And the beauty of what you can capture through a camera lens is something—unlike memory—that creates a permanent record of that inspiration you can visit time and time again.”

Entrants can submit up to three digital photo shots for the contest, and winners will be on display in a special area at the fall Festival in Houston for the more than 53,000 attendees to marvel at. “Photographs have the power to invoke a lot of feelings in their viewers— everything from unbridled joy and intense anger to sheer wonder and heartwarming poignancy,” Hart continues. “I hope that this exhibit proves quilters can be just as talented with a shutter as they are with a stitching needle!”

Rules and entry form for “The Eye of the Quilter: Inspiration,” are available at, under the “Contests” section. Deadline for entry is September 1.

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