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The most exciting thing to happen to me, associated with my sewing career, was winning the Marie Osmond/Janome Quilting Challenge. The best description of my present state of mind is that I am “One Happy Woman.” I have entered many challenges in my 75 years; in some of them I have won first place, others not. I have enjoyed them all, and made many new friends in the process. I must admit I love the challenge and realize I won’t always win, but get the urge to do the happy dance when I do win. It makes me feel good to know people like what I do.

First, I had to win at the local level. I received the Marie Osmond Quilting Companion machine for that win. The shop owner then sent my quilt to Marie Osmond and she personally picked the top ten quilts. The ten finalists were placed on the internet where the public voted for their favorite.

I was excited to win the challenge at the local level. When my quilt was picked as one of the top ten, there was a $400 merchandise award. I got Marie's cookbook, which is cleverly written and fun to read. There were also three star charms that say "love," "live," and "laugh," and a sewing storage item for fat quarters, patterns etc. The Marie Osmond Quilting Companion is a super little machine, and mine has her autograph on the back; that’s fun! I painted over it with clear acrylic so it won’t rub off, as it is written on a hard surface with a magic marker and is not permanent.

This is what I saw when I looked at the site the day the winners were to be posted:

First Place
for A Little Bit Country
Dean Deerfield
Midland, Texas

I got tons of Marie Osmond fabric, more storage items, one of her dolls, thread holders, totes, ribbon holders, just lots of goodies. The best part of the national win is the Janome 11000, top of the line sewing machine.

The quilts were auctioned off on eBay, and the money went to the Children’s Miracle Network charity.

I want to thank everyone who voted for my quilt. All the votes made this possible for me.

Hugs, Dean

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