Victoria Adams Brown
An Artist Profile

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In the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania you will find a lovely Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse and barn built in 1803. The rock walls and hand-chiseled wooden beams reflect the labor that went into the construction of this wonderful home. Nestled in amongst the lilacs and dogwood trees it provides the perfect setting for renowned artist, designer, author and international teacher, Victoria Adams Brown.

Vic holds a Bachelorís Degree in Art and Advertising in addition to Masterís work in Print Making and Telecommunications. She has authored two wonderful books: The Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and The New Ribbon Embroidery. Both books reflect her love of silk ribbon embroidery and the vast research she has done into its history. She was invited to attend the House of Lesage in Paris, France where she earned her Certification in Couture Beading and Embroidery.

Her studio provides a wonderful setting for her classes on embroidery and surface design. She has renovated a 2300 square foot barn and filled it with a plethora of wonderful things. Designed and furnished in the Victoria style, it is a perfect setting for her workshops. It is made up of nine rooms including the Emporium, classrooms, parlor, kitchen, bathroom and office.

The chintz- covered walls of the parlor along with matching pillows and hand-blown glass windows are truly lovely. On the cold winter days the fireplace is not only a source of warmth but adds to the perfect ambience of the room.

The kitchen is large enough for a corner table with benches, refrigerator and microwave. Of course, the only thing cooked in that microwave is ribbon!

Many of you are familiar with RibbonSmyth ( and have searched the site for some of the most beautiful fibers, fabrics and crazy quilt related embellishments. Her emporium is filled with unique and hard to find items such as vintage beads, old laces and textiles and one of kind items.

Along with this business, she maintains her blog entitled, Itís Only Ribbon. You will want to check in on a regular basis to see some of her beautiful creations and sign up for her monthly give-away.

In 2005 Vic founded The Way to Womenís Wellness Foundation (WTWW) along with the beautiful ArtBra Exhibit. Calendars were published in the following three years with proceeds being donated to various cancer centers. Please read my article entitled Byersí Choice for additional information regarding the ArtBra Exhibit.

Under the talented supervision of Vic and her husband Mike, the farm has undergone some major renovations.

They have maintained the early pioneer influence along with incorporating many of todayís modern conveniences. ďThe Shrieking Tree FarmĒ as itís called, provides a beautiful setting for the Ribbonsmyth Studio and for those attending classes and workshops organized and taught by Victoria Adams Brown.

Iíve asked Vic to share with our readers her technique in piecing and embellishing. You will find her approach different from the traditional flip and sew method using the five-sided piece. The flow of her work is beautiful along with her fabulous color choices. She has created a special project just for CQMagOnline, and I know you will enjoy browsing through the photos and trying this beautiful method of piecing.

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